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Facing a Pickerington Area Foreclosure?

Here's what to do

When you're facing foreclosure in the Pickerington area, you have several options:

  1. Do Nothing
  2. Complete a Pickerington Short Sale - Get Up to $3,000 when you Short Sale Your Home!
  3. Re-installment
  4. Forebearance or Re-payment plan
  5. Refinance
  6. Rent
  7. Sell
  8. Mortgage Modification
  9. Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
  10. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  11. Bankruptcy

Read more below for details on the above options for selling your Pickerington home.

Educating Pickerington Home Owners

As Pickerington Realtors, our goal is in educating Pickerington homeowners. If you, as our client, feel nervous and judged, you will be less likely to understand the options we present. We have the opportunity to remedy your situation as Pickerington real estate agents. We can provide a clear picture looking forward.

We have compassion for Columbus homeowners and their families. We have helped friends go through Pickerington loan modification and Pickerington short sales. We do not make guarantees and do not provide legal representation but we are honest and upfront with you and let you know we work on your behalf asColumbus neighborhood real estate experts

Pickerington Home Owner Options

1. Do Nothing - When a Pickerington homeowner does nothing, the homeowner will most likely lose the home at the sheriff’s sale. Deficiency judgments and tax ramifications may apply (Vary State to State).

2. Short Sale – A Pickerington homeowner is ‘short’ when you owe an amount on your Pickerington property that when combined with closing costs and commissions is higher than current market value. The homeowner will not typically incur any costs as the fees and commisions are paid by the lender. We also have a program when a homeowner sells a home short, you can qualify for up to $3,000 paid at the closing for relocation expenses, etc.

3. Re-instatement – All the way up to the day of the court house sale you have the right to catch up all the payments in arrears and stop foreclosure. The payment would include all months behind in payments, late fees and court costs.

4. Forbearance or Re-payment plan – Negotiate a repayment plan with your mortgage company to catch up all the payments in arrears, including late fees and court costs. The Forbearance is paid in smaller payments over time instead of one lump sum.

5. Refinance – If current rates are lower than your present Pickerington mortgage rate and your credit has not been too badly damaged, you can refinance to a lower interest rate and reduce your total monthly payment.

6. Rent – Renting the Pickerington home so someone else makes your mortgage payment not only reduces your immediate stress, it also gives you a good future investment.

7. Sell – If you have equity in the property it is always best to sell the Pickerington home instead of losing it to foreclosure and damaging your credit and financial future. We can help you determine fair market value for your Pickerington home and calculate your net proceeds after the sale. Contact your mortgage company to get the payoff for all of your mortgages before this meeting so the calculations are accurate.

8. Mortgage Modification – Banks do not want to own real estate, which is exactly what happens when they foreclose. After foreclosure, they have to pay the taxes, insurance, yard and house maintenance, utilities, asset managers, Realtors, attorneys and property maintenance until it can be sold. Call your mortgage company to ask if they would be willing to reduce your monthly payment to something more affordable for you.

9. Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) The SCRA is a bill that was signed into law on December 19th 2003. This law provides certain protection to military personnel. The law also provides Service members other protections.

10. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – This where the Pickerington homeowner essentially gives the deed back to the mortgage company. This action prevents the banks from having to go through a lengthy foreclosure process. They still report a Deed-in-Lieu as a foreclosure on your credit report.  However, they may waive their rights to a deficiency judgment because of your cooperation. You are still subject to taxation and this solution only works in cases where there is one mortgage and there are no liens on the property.

11. Bankruptcy – Hire an attorney for a fee to file chapters, 7, 11 or 13 taking all or part of your debt to the courts to be dismissed. A bankruptcy delays foreclosure, but ultimately you end up with a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit report. Many people believe when they file bankruptcy all of their problems go away. The fact is, creditors can still file a deficiency judgment and you may have serious tax consequences. 

Pickerington Distressed Properties

If you own a Pickerington or Columbus distressed property, then contact us, The Pacifico Group, today.

As your Columbus Ohio real estate experts, we have years of experience working with individuals facing a Columbus, OH or Pickerington foreclosure or short sale. 

We'll work with you to help you find the best solution for you and your family.

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